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It is a bit jarring to see women sitting in windows--but most of the area is bars, stores for sex toys, and cheap restaurants. Amsterdam’s buzzing hub, with its sprawling network oftram rails and a seemingly constant flow of touristsand commuters, yields convenient access to some of thebest sightseeing, shopping, and street life in Europe. Staying in a hostel in the RLD wondering if it is a safe area of if I should look for a different hostel in a different location.

the men there act like they've never seen a woman before.. Walking through the district is quite an experience if you're a tourist, but if you're just here to know what it's about and does not want to get anything specific, you wouldn't want to go back over and over. Since prostitution is legal, it is worth walking through to see what that means.

View this live Amstel Canal webcam in the city centre of Amsterdam - the Netherlands The Amstel is a river in the Netherlands which runs through the city of Amsterdam.

The river's name is derived from Aeme stelle, old Dutch for "area abounding with water".

Could anyone who has recently been in last month or 2 advise of average price of pint?

A neighbour told me he was paying 8 euro everywhere!!??

It was 5-6 on average last year if they are taking the mick with prices I'll give it a miss.

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The porn cinema has finally returned to Amsterdam’s Red Light District.And not just any kind of porn cinema, a 5D porn cinema! 🙂 For further information and reservations hit the book-button below.Besides watching a short porn movie in 3D, all your other senses will also be triggered via its 5D features! We’ve already made a selection for you of the best hotels for every budget, you can check them out here.A nationally televised concert is held on the river every year on Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day).

The rowing races Head of the River Amstel and Heineken Roeivierkamp are held on the river annually.

At Strip- and sex club Bon Ton you’ll get a peek behind the curtains.