Aston merrygold dating frankie saturdays

22-Feb-2020 12:06

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“They’ve been chatting in private on twitter and have really hit it off.“Stuart has told close friends he plans to take Mollie out for dinner this Saturday.” The 26-year-old cricketer is currently in London playing South Africa at The Oval stadium, and wants to make the most of being near to blonde beauty Mollie.🙂 I know this isn’t really the type of news we usually post but as its pretty quiet right now as everyone is gearing up for the second wedding and the US trip I’ll post it up anyway, take of this what you will!Mollie King is reportedly dating England cricketer Stuart Broad after getting close on twitter.The friend added:”He doesn’t have any strict England curfews.

A friend of Stuart told the Daily Star: “Mollie and Stuart have been following each other on twitter for a while.“It’s hard enough splitting up with someone but when you’re in the public eye it’s so much harder. If you split up with your boyfriend, you wouldn’t then see him ­pictured out with other girls in the paper.“He’s going to start dating other girls, and I’m fine with it, but I don’t want to see it and learn about it in the papers.If your country has a Saturdays article we will post it, just e-mail it to us at [email protected] tweet us @The Sats Co Uk and we will post it 🙂 In the UK, ‘What About Us’ drops to number 13 on its fifth week in the charts.

This is possibly their strongest single to date in the UK spending 5 weeks in the Top 20 which is awesome, hopefully their next single will do the same, but there are rumours abound that we might be in for a little wait for this – probably due to the fact that Rochelle will be given birth shortly, only a minor inconvience 😉 Stay safe everyone and have a good Monday!Another important thing to consider is the possibilities of accidental pregnancies which happen more than you would think.