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09-Sep-2020 10:32

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And it's not just a close friendship that has everyone scratching their heads (although I'll admit, that part is very bizarre).

In the highly-charged episode, several new couples emerged, including Brandon Lee and new girlfriend Ashley, who he wasn’t quite ready to introduce to his famous mom Pamela Anderson, when she was visiting from her home in France.“My mom is like the biggest romantic in the world I’ve ever met,” Brandon said, “and I’m like the same way,” but added that he is not ready for marriage.

As they sipped champagne, the couple looks at photos of their 10 years together.“I was 19 when I met Spencer.

I told everyone he was my soul mate; I knew,” Heidi said as she tells her husband: “I feel like we have such a sacred bond that no one will ever understand and know.

At the time, Audrina told that it was nothing serious. Her relationship with Corey was on-and-off relationship for several years, but she first started dating him in 2008.

The original documented some of Audrina's relationship with Corey while the show was still on air.

I have never had a friend come after me so hard.”Before the gala, Audrina tells pal Mischa Barton about her longtime friend Ryan, who is always on tour or producing.

“There has always been a little bit of flirting and chemistry,” she said before they set sail on a boat called Sabine.

For his big surprise, Spencer takes his wife out on The Duchess, a yacht he has rented for their date night, while the rest of their friends are congregating at Kaitlynn’s gala.But before they float off into the sunset, she asks her husband if he wants to renew their wedding vows with a few friends and family, and their one-year-old son Gunner as their little ring bearer.