Awkward friends dating

26-Feb-2020 18:11

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We were buddies for the night and couldn’t split up; it was Valentine’s Day and we were both single.We got hammered then held hands as we both got with different guys Unlike hooking up with guys, where you both know the motive and you likely both want to get some, starting a platonic relationship is an ongoing interview of what you each like, hoping to find a common denominator.And you can't say anything because you're not really dating, but you also don't want to admit you like them, too, because you don't want it to get back to them so you just bite your lip and freak out on the inside.a couple, in which case they should just come out and SAY SOMETHING!You want to ask them bad if you guys are ~together~, but are also deathly afraid that you might scare them away, so you don't say anything.Enter the cycle of awkwardness that comes with being in between just "hanging out" and defining the relationship, which includes some (or all) of these things..."This is my...

(Seriously, are these two not yelling at each other?When you were a kid, you thought dating would be simple: you meet an awesome person, you know you both like each other, and you're automatically together, right? But you know if you've moved into "relationship" territory yet.

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