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13-Mar-2020 07:35

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JVN's message to self-love seekers is that though it isn't always easy, living your truth will set you free. This brand-new book from motivational speaker Cyndie Spiegel provides 365 days of exercises, affirmations, and lessons to teach users the power of positivity.

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It's led us to a deeply divided place, where every topic feels like an "issue" and every viewpoint is an antagonistic one. Brené Brown asks readers in her book, , to reacquaint themselves with their own personal point of view.will help you reframe your diet so that you're only eating and enjoying the good stuff, without ever feeling deprived.With a focus on vegetarian cuisine, Carr calls on numerous experts in the food and wellness space to illustrate her plan for holistic, mindful eating.For someone whose work is so bold, she seriously detested the limelight, declining any invitation to speak or appear in front of an audience.

Until she was called out on it, she never realized that she was living her life attached to the word "no." While her heart was in the right place in valuing her alone time, she was turning down so many opportunities to challenge herself and push out of her comfort zone.Her book, What do you do when you get to the apex of your career, and instead of living your best life, you feel unsatisfied and stuck, or perhaps even depressed?