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22-Apr-2020 17:08

Nats Cats33: Nice try Meghan he just sent a message. She was stuck with an old single bed, and I now had so much more space to sleep! That night, to 'celebrate', Meghan agreed to watch a scary movie with me. She was thrilled at the idea, and I thought she had gotten the short end of the stick.I remember that one time my sister and I were told that we were going to get bunk beds in our room, and our single beds would be thrown away or given to charity. The following is the conversation which I can vividly remember: ‘Nats Cats33’ has entered the chatroom. She crawls into bed next to me and faces the opposite direction. I flip open my screen, and enter the only chat room with another person in it. Meghan12: I shouldn't have watched that movie, huh? We displayed such distaste in this idea that our parents, instead, forced us to keep the single beds until we were well into our teenage years. My older sister had turned 18, finished school, and was taking a gap year overseas. Chat room D: ‘Nats Cats33’ has entered the chatroom. Meghan and I often chose the latter option, as it was much faster and you could also recognize the handwriting. There were four chat rooms you could chose from, A, B, C and D, and the Nintendo DS’s would wirelessly connect (over a short distance) and recognize which chat room the other person had entered. Nats Cats33: As long as you tell me how you knew my name. As we grew bigger, and the beds seemed to grow smaller, we soon came to the realization that we could no longer share the room at the back of the house with the yellow walls. A perfectly good bedroom with a perfectly good double bed was her departing gift to us, left behind after she had left home. She could play the music she wanted without me yelling at her to plug in her headphones, and I could write stories and watch videos without her watching over my shoulder. Meghan took this room as her own immediately, and began to redecorate. Yes, like I said before, the start of the change was a new and fun experience for us both.

The yellow painted walls, and the movie posters draped around them, reminded us of safety. I slept in a single bed on the left side of the room, and Meghan used to sleep on a single bed on the right side of the room. * * * * A couple of hours into a deep slumber I awake to the sound of my bedroom door opening. She must have had a nightmare and come into my room for safety. Nats Cats33: Well, you were smart to come in here; you can keep me safe too.

Meghan and I began to communicate through Pictochat, and we would often take turns in choosing the chat room to enter.