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And in choosing to take the high road, people began to talk about her. I can’t even start to imagine how difficult it must have been as an outsider. She was at home in this land, a land that didn’t know or serve the God of Israel.But there was something about Naomi that Ruth simply couldn’t deny. Maybe it was her courage to face the painful loss of her husband and sons.

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I’ve been walking this journey alone for nearly seven years.

I loved how the servant trusted God to put the right woman in his path. She is living with her heart-broken mother-in-law, Naomi, who has decided her life is simply too bitter.

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I made a post earlier about DHL's crazy commercial, adding that my package had been stuck at a Sort Facility in Leipzig, Germany.… continue reading »

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The second book Mother Shipton Investigated was published in 1881, the year she predicted the world would end (although in this book the author claims she never actually foretold that) and details some intriguing accounts of previous end of the world predictions including one outcry in Leeds in 1806 involving hens, eggs and some religious warnings on said eggs!… continue reading »

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