Bsd updating packages

10-Nov-2019 09:22

A repository is a collection of packages which have been gathered together, had a catalogue created and then published, typically by exposing the repository via HTTP or some other networking protocol.You can also publish a repository from a local or NFS mounted filesystem (using file:// style URLs) or via SSH (using ssh:// URLs.) In order to install the package foo-1.2.3 from a local pkg tarball, use a command similar to the following: You will need to make sure that all dependencies of foo-1.2.3 are either also available as tarballs in the same directory, or previously installed by other means.In order to save space the MTREE is only stored once, which save 18K per installed package.pkg supports a can install a package archive from the local disk, or from a remote FTP/HTTP server.

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will remove a package, and (depending on the command line arguments) any other packages that depend on what you're trying to delete.

Cirrus CI: (Linux, OSX, Free BSD): pkg is built on top of libpkg, a new library to interface with package registration backends.

It abstracts package management details such as registration, remote repositories, package creation, updating, etc.

The SQLite database allow fast queries and ACID transactions.

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It also allows finding the reverse dependencies reliably without a needing the REQUIRED_BY hack.To install the latest release version: The next thing to do is to get the pkg sources installed on your machine.

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