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29-Jan-2020 02:28

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I think it’s the same for many children of immigrants in the UK - who cherish having a comforting group of friends that they can turn to when they feel jaded by judgement and anxious about divulging personal opinions in a space where they may not be welcomed.Today’s British Asian Muslim women are met with a three-pronged pitchfork of prejudice: the intersectional abrasions of racism, sexism and religious discrimination are enough to make anyone run for the hills and hunker down with a pair of heavy duty earplugs.My experience of being a British Asian Muslim and feeling like ‘the other’ in the country I was born in has led me to create this microcosm of family friendships, despite my parents moving here from Pakistan some 40 years ago.

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I can talk to my sisters about arranged marriage without them thinking it’s archaic and oppressive.

Feeling marginalised does not of course justify acts of terrorism.

However, what I do understand, is the desperate search to find a place where you belong – the human desire to be listened to and valued is incredibly strong.

Being different to the majority makes you silent sometimes but I want her to have a voice. We’ve got all the tools here to create a cohesive society that values the individual – we just need to learn how to use them.

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Running away to Syria is not going to help build a better future for Muslim women in the UK. They’ve faced the same prejudices and they recognise your life because they’re living it.

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