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Might sighes, Isabel, teares, plaints, or any such exteriour passions pourtray out my inward repentance, I would shewe thee the anatomie of a most distressed man ; but amongst many sorrowing thoughts there is such a confusion that superfluitie of griefes stops the source of my discontent To figure out my follies or the extremitie of my fancies, were but to manifest the bad course of my life, and to rub the scarre by setting out mine owne scathe ; and therefore let it suffice, I repent heartelie, I sorrowe deeplie, and meane to amend and continue in the same constantlie.' At this Francesco stoode and wept ; which Isabel seeing, conceiued by his outward griefes his secret passions, and therefore taking him about the necke, wetting his cheekes with the teares that fell from her eyes, she made him this womanlie and wise answere. Ent Gr Friar Bacon, and Miles teith hooka under hu arm; Burden, Mason, and Clement. Miles, where are you 1 Miles, Hie aum, doctmime et rcvercndiuime doctor.

* What, Francesco, comest thou home ful of woes, or seekest thou at thy retume to make me weepe 1 Hast thou been long absent, and now bringest thou me a treatise of discontent ? Send letters speedily to Oxford of the Ralph, And, Sirrah Lacy, buy me a thousand thousand million of fine bells.

I see thou art penitent, and therefore I like not to heare what follies are past.

It sufficeth for Isabel that hencefoorth thou wilt loue Isabel, and vpon ^hat condition, without any more wordes, welcome to Isabel.' With that she smiled and wept, and in doing both together sealed vp all her contrarie passions in a kisse." So end the adventures of Francesco and Isabel. Lacy, I will, my lord, so execute this charge As if that Lacy were in love with her.

Seeing, then, citizens of Caerbranck, such a curtizan as this may vnder the colour of holines shrowd much preiudice, and allure many of our youth to mischiefes, I thought it my duety to bring her into open infamie, that she may be punished for her fault, knowen for a harlot, and from hencefoorth line dispised and hated of al L For proofe that shee hath Hued long in this leawd kinde of life, this yoimg man shall here before you all make present deposition ' : and with that he reacht him a bible ; whereon he swore that hee had long time conuerst dishonestly with Isabel, euer since the departure of her husband. Miles, Marry, sir, three or four as honest devils and good companions as any be in hell. Have I not pass'd as fiu- in state of schools, And read of many secrets ? Bacon, Were you not yesterday, Master Burden, at Henley upon the Thames ?

At which oath people that were iim)iu B in the cause, beleeuing the protestation of Bernardo and the deposition of the youth, presently found hir guiltie ; and then Bernardo and the rest of the burgomasters gaue iudgement, that she should presently haue some open and seuere punishment, and after be banished out of the town." She now prays aloud, calling for succour on the deity who knows her innocence ; and almost immediately after, " hee which had accused Isabel start vp as a man limaticke, and cried out vnto the people, * Thus I haue sinned, men of Caerbranck, I haue sinned : the thought of mj present periurie is a hell to my conscience ; for I haue swome falsly against the innocent, and haue consented to condemne Isabel without cause ' : and with that hee discourst at the barre how Signor Bernardo had suborned him against the gentlewoman, and how in all his life before he neuer was in her companie." Isabel, of course, is set free, while Bernardo is punished by a great fine, to be paid to her, and declared incapable of ever bearing any office in the city. yet to think That heads of brass can utter any voice, Or more, to tell of deep philosophy, This is a fable ^sop had forgot.

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You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http : //books . com/| Digitized by Googk Digitized by Googk Digitized by Googk \ Digitized by Cj OOQl C Htif Cufly Digitized by Googk Digitized by Googk THE DEAMATIC AM) POETICAL WOKKS ROBERT GREENE & GEORGE PEELE, MEMOIRS OF THE AUTHORS AND NOTES REV. LONDON : ROUTLEDGE, WARNE, AND ROTJTLEDGE, FABBINGDOK 8TBEET. To the latter collection was prefixed a Dedication which I now subjoin, because I am unwilling that it should be forgotten ; — **T0 SIR WALTER SCOTT, BART., THIS WORK IS INSCRIBED, AS A SLIGHT MARK OF ADMIRATION FOR HIS GENIUS, AND RESPECT FOR HIS CHARACTER, BY HIS OBEDIENT SERVANT, ALEXANDER DYCE." At that period I had the honour of occasionally corresponding with Sir Walter : and in his Life by Lockhaii; (vol. Thus eueiy way destitute of meanes to Hue, he sight* out this olde sayd sawe, Miserrinvam est ftdsse heatum : yet at last, as extremities search very farre, he calde to minde that he was a scho Uer, and that although in these daies arte wanted honor and learning lackt his due, yet good letters were not brought to so lowe an ebbe but that there might some profite arise by them to procure his maintenance. 15 therefhre, as gorgiou Bly as she could, paintmg her fitce with the choyce of all her drogges, she walkt abroade where shee thought Francesco vsed to take the ayre. Miles, 0, master, cease your conjuration, or you spoil all ; for here's a she-devil come with a shoulder of mutton on a spit : you have marred the devil's supper ; but no doubt he thinks our college fare is slender, and so hath sent you his cook v^ith a shoulder of mutton, to make it exceed. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Snter Maroahbt and Jo AK ; Thouas, Richard, and other Clowns ; and Lacy duguited in country apparel.

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