Chilli and mayweather dating

18-Oct-2020 18:35

At the end of his first week inside the facility, records show that Mayweather called a guard and asked to receive medical attention for bruised ribs.

When asked how he could have hurt his ribs, Mayweather said,"I dropped a bottle of lotion and it rolled under my bunk," according to the report, and then "[I] bent over to pick it up and heard something pop." Mayweather then pulled up his shirt to show the officer "a bump on his rib cage." While it's unclear how a boxer so known for his ability to elude injury over 45 professional fights could have bruised a rib bending over for an errant bottle of moisturizer, Mayweather was carted off 20 minutes later for X-rays.

Because of his celebrity status, officials at the jail placed Mayweather in protective custody, where he was separated from other inmates and forced to spend 23 hours a day inside his cell.

Normally the center of a huge entourage and the object of constant attention, Mayweather fought desperately to be released into the jail's general population or transferred to another facility, records show.

has fashioned a career by making the painful business of boxing look easy, but records obtained by Sports on Earth reveal a very different side of the undefeated champ: an embattled man very much on the ropes while spending time in jail.

In the summer of 2012, Mayweather served 60 days of a 90-day sentence at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges involving a former girlfriend.

"The contents inside the envelope had information in regards to current Los Zetas activity." Los Zetas is not just a prison gang.

Known for his tireless training, speed and agility, Mayweather refused to eat nearly every meal he was served inside the facility, according to records, surviving instead on a diet of commissary snacks, including Chili Cheese Fritos, candy bars, packets of chicken ramen noodles and "kippered beef," a kind of beef jerky.

"My mind is not the same," Mayweather wrote in one impassioned request from inside the Las Vegas jail.

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