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Morrison's take on Batman has often been referred to as "Bat-God," as Batman acquits himself very well in Morrison's "JLA" issues.The key turning point in the first arc is that Batman is the only one who figured out the weakness of the villainous Hyperclan.After a few lackluster years of Captain Marvel fighting the good fight on Earth as an exiled Kree military officer, Thomas and artist Gil Kane revamped Captain Marvel by giving him a stunning new costume and also pairing him with Rick Jones (who had already been a sidekick to Hulk and Captain America by this point in his short comic life) by doing a variation on Billy Batson transforming into Captain Marvel. " Mark Gruenwald was an expert in Marvel Comics continuity.This time, it was through special nega-bands that Rick would clang together to trigger a switch with Captain Marvel. He was the leading force behind the creation of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

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We first see him, though, in 1985 (the "present day" at the time that the book came out), and the verbal tics are key in depicting how Rorschach has devolved from his earlier years, when he spoke normally.

Not only was the cover one of the greatest Marvel Comics covers of all-time (depicting an alien wielding Thor's hammer and breaking the logo of the series) and the cliffhanger of the issue a historic one (said alien taking Thor's hammer from him and proving to be worthy of the power of Thor), but the comic opened up with a mysterious creature pounding on a sword and every pound made the sound "Doom." This kept up for a number of issues until it was finally revealed to be the first beast known as Surtur, and that he was on his way to wreak havoc on Asgard!

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