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30-Jul-2020 04:56

WEBA World is a Swiss company that has provided professional services to the education industry for over 29 years.

Each year WEBA holds over 100 education events in more than 25 countries globally.

Tour Fee Includes: (Zurich, Las Vegas , Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, London, Kazakhstan, Tallinn) After the participation fee has been settled, a list of agents' contact details will be provided around a month prior to the workshop, so that educators can start scheduling appointments with agents ( ).

The list will be regularly updated to ensure that each institute has immediate access to a range of vital international contacts. Petersburg, Mexico City, Bogotà, Hong Kong) After the participation fee has been settled, a list of agents´ contact details in Excel format will be provided approximately 14 days before the workshop. Every institute will be provided with a meeting table to meet with agents.

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WEBA Agents Workshops in Hungary will welcome national agents.

Further meetings between institutes and agents could be made on an informal basis during the luncheons and coffee breaks provided.