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05-Dec-2019 01:22

Under the influence of his twinkling Gallic smile, contenders consent to expose their blushing faces, courtship strategies, unconscious class markers, table manners, and nervous tics to our gaze on a blind date on national television.

In return, they gratefully receive nothing other than the opportunity itself. How was this powerful draw constituted historically?

Add a spritz of Malin Goetz musk and I'm ready to roll.

And for shoes, a little height (I ain't no giant) with some black leather Chelsea boots, vintage ones. I'm one year without a smoke and now I'm supposed to, what, just walk up to some girl amongst the hundreds confabbing on Astroturf up here and be all, Hey, what's up?

It was my first real relationship, with sacrifices and teamwork and what's-best-for-you-is-best-for-me, always asleep in the same bed, ideations of forever symbolized by her face, etcetera. Yet there is a dimension of burdensome labor to the process of tracking down those ‘other halves’ – as they are still called – just as there is work in the process of making a life with them, not least creating the home within which love can be tended.

Since Washington and Lee only has around 2,300 students total, this makes for an extremely strong impact on the social scene.… continue reading »

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Both songs were included on the compilation album Disney Channel Playlist, which was released on June 9, 2009.… continue reading »

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