Dating a former drug dealer

02-Jun-2020 05:15

With that being said, here are seven reasons why a drug dealer is a better entrepreneur than you are. In the business world, a competitor can try to mess with you by offering lower prices or copying you.

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They would rather bring their money to you because you treat them like somebody than go to this other guy who’s going to talk to him bad, cuss him out, slap them when they short.

You know, my customers come to me and they were short, I would give them some on credit.

Drug Dealers have usually always been looked-down upon within society, but if you take a closer look at some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, they started out as drug dealers. Diddy, and 50 Cent all used drug dealing as a means of survival and reaching success.

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Some studies have also shown that successful entrepreneurs and drug dealers are actually cut from the same cloth.In a paper titled “Drug dealing and legitimate self-employment,” economist Rob Fairlie notes a statistical relationships between being a teen drug dealer and being an entrepreneur as an adult.