Dating a girl with the same name as your sister

25-Oct-2019 06:14

When I think of my married name, it doesn’t even feel like mine…I feel like I’m using her name.I’m wondering if she will feel the same way, like I’m “stealing” her name.That didn't really affect me - I guess in my mind, I think of my mother as "Mom" not "Betty". If another guy came along with the same name (which would be a real coincidence, since it's not a super-common name, but could happen), I'd have no problem dating him. Of course, she was Jessica and my sister's almost always Jess or Jessy.But I would be somewhat discomfitted by dating a woman with same first name as my sister. The thing is, I don't think of my dad as his first name, I think of him as my dad, as in his first name is My and his middle name is Dad. This is kind of strange for me because I'm a bastard.Around the time my son was born, we were staying with my parents for a short while. A couple of days after he was born, my sister answered the phone. I would like to speak to Mrs Dirty Hippy." "Umm, which one? My father and my stepfather both have the same first name.

Perhaps if it's very common, you learn to deal with knowing a lot of different people with that name.So the first person I think of when I think of that first name is my ex. Cliffy and I have been dating/married, I've probably called her Kathy less than a hundred times. I never knew my father (mom didn't either, really), but I did know his name.Now, if another guy came along with that name it might be a Date her? But even so I was with my SO for...months, I don't know how long, before I one day got to talking about my life and suddenly realized...oh, you two have the same first name . Not a problem for me..nearly as much as that I have the same name as his ex-wife.And, after only two or three days, I've gotten a lot more used to calling my guy by his name and not thinking of Dad. I was dating a woman who had the same name as one of my sisters - pretty common name, no problem at all - and the two personalities were completely opposite, proving that the name itself was no signifier.

I may get almost completely comfortable with it, but I doubt I'll ever be screaming out his name in the bedroom. Still, the relationship with that GF wasn't going anywhere, so... We've known each other 30 years, and I'll bet that's the total times we've addressed each other by our given names.