Dating and marriage in the elizabethan era

09-Oct-2020 10:42

So, unless we work to strengthen the family, to create conditions under which most parents will stay together, all the rest — schools, playgrounds, and public assistance, and private concern — will never be enough” (Danes).

The way that family is set up affects children in all ways.

Divorce remained unobtainable for many years with the control of the Protestant church.

Even though all social classes brought suits but only wealthy most needed separation and annulments (Eisenach).

Since it wasn’t like that back then, many people could argue that it is wrong if both spouses are forced into marriage.

There were many customs that individuals followed in Elizabethan Marriages.

Poor and unhappy spouses had another option to court.

Informal divorce, authorities tried to condemned these but could do little to stop them (Eisenach).

Before the Protestant reformation legal divorce was illegal and impossible in Europe because of the Catholic churches.

Most people today would find this shocking because the age was so young, today many people get married at an older age therefore the age difference is odd of the opinion of people of modern time.