Dating barbed wire

19-May-2020 21:31

You can zoom in, expand to full screen, change the terrain type, or in some cases switch to street-view so that it's easy for you to determine the coordinates.History of the Museum About the Museum History of Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Collecting Educational Programming Membership Hours & Fees Virtual Tour Media Center Barbed Wire Shows & Events Barbed Wire Festival Previous Shows Prior to 1863, several individuals created forms of fencing that could be considered as barbed wire.Barbs were placed on one of two parallel strands of wire.The two strands of wire were attached to a hook on the side of an old grinding wheel.At the county fair in De Kalb, Illinois in 1873, Henry M. It was a wooden rail with a series of sharp spikes protruding from the sides of the rail.The fence rail, patented earlier that year on May 13, was designed to be attached to an existing fence to "prick" an animal when it came into contact with the rail and keep livestock from breaking through.A few days later he filed interference papers against Glidden and an intense legal dispute ensued.Even though Haish was awarded a patent first, Glidden won the dispute because he had filed his patent before Haish.

The wire was then clipped off approximately one inch on each end at an angle to form a sharp point.

Each went their separate ways to work on an invention that would soon bring them together.