Dating directories for christians websites

04-Dec-2019 02:31

Also there is a tendency to filter indecent content and so at the beginning of the Internet boom, there were many Christian portal websites offering filtered content to protect family and kids from the worst stuff on the web.

So why are Christian search engines often ignored by many web surfers then? the simple answer is that Christians need access to more than just Christian content and since the big search sites like, and contain 99% of Christian sites and the pages they contain internally, there is little need for a Christian to actually use a dedicated portal filled with Christian content only – except where they want filtered content – though most if not all of the secular search engines now offer this as standard anyway. Well – graphically (depending on how well they are layed out, there will be a lot of Christian information at close hand with lots of topics presented under one roof relating to Christianity. Search Word(s): com Christian search engine We Spread The – Add Christian Search Engine to Your Website!

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