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So he words it slightly differently -- and quite bluntly -- in his profile, stating straight up that he has a vagina.Trystan is unfazed by men who aren't attracted to his body, and like Hunter, he's found that there are more than enough interested men to go around.He started injecting testosterone and had top surgery (a bilateral mastectomy and chest reconstruction) a year later, and he has lived infinitely more happily and peacefully as a male ever since. I have drinks.' Before Hunter came out as gay and started attracting the attention of random chicken hawks on the street, he identified strongly as a dyke.When I first met Hunter a year ago, he showed up at my East Village apartment with an amused and slightly perplexed expression on his handsome baby face. 'But when I started hormones my sex drive got jacked up a crazy amount, and something just switched biochemically or something.'They're generally good guys,' Hunter says of the nontrans men he's progressed to the point of having sex with -- about 95% of whom have never been with a trans man before. 'I love the way a beard feels against my skin, the way a man smells.

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He still has female genitalia, and while clitorises in most FTMs grow considerably when on testosterone and are an adequate metamorphosis for many, Hunter's 'one-inch dicklet' isn't what he ultimately wants for his body. 'I'm having more anal sex lately, but for the most part, I'll have frontal sex -- that's how I refer to it -- because it's the most convenient.On the one hand, I want them to be OK with my equipment, but on the other hand, I don't want them to be -- because I'm not OK with it.' While he knows that a phalloplasty will not be perfect, Hunter believes that his sex life will be infinitely better postsurgery than it is now. There just aren't as many trans men out there, so I end up dating mostly nontrans men.' Unlike Hunter, Trystan is completely at ease with his equipment.So in the interim he has not been pursuing as many hook-ups this year as he did during his first year of college. He has been on testosterone for over three years but hasn't had any surgery and doesn't plan to.'It's just so exhausting having to disclose to guys over and over,' he explains, clearly vexed. As far as sex goes, 'I'm into anything that gives or gets pleasure,' he explains.

'I just want to be able to hook up with random guys but not have it be the Trans 101 discussion every time, you know? 'I'm into all parts of my partners' bodies, including their genitalia. I don't like receiving anal sex, but that's about all I won't do.' When hooking up with guys online, Trystan always discloses his gender status up front, but he prefers not to use the terms 'trans' or 'FTM,' finding that most mainstream gay men have misconceptions as to what those terms actually mean.

Then, as if called in from any-gay-bar central casting, a lanky dark-haired guy starts unbuttoning his fly and pulling out a soft dick, then lets it flop around outside his jeans as he struts around the bar. There are all different kinds of gay men: fat men and poor men and disabled men, and men that are into S/M, men who like to bareback, men who do crystal, and men who are black and Asian and mixed.

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