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02-Jun-2020 02:12

With so many blogs to choose from nowadays, how are you supposed to know which are worth following? We identified a handful of the most well-renowned blogs in the world of animation so you know what’s worth your time.This collection will provide you with the motivation you’ve been looking for to take your love of animation to the next level. Take a look at our list of top animation blogs and let us know your favorites!Why you should follow: If 3D animation is your forte, then 3dtotal is the blog for you.The site is teeming with free tutorials, galleries, news and special features.No matter why you’re interested in the field, it’s important to stay up-to-date in order to stay on top of your game.Rather than spending hours scouring the internet to educate yourself on industry news and techniques, keeping tabs on reputable animation blogs will help you keep a pulse on the industry in a fraction of the time.You can also follow 3dtotal on Facebook and Twitter.

The community of 3D animators is strong here, with forums full of challenges, discussions and critiques.” They felt the need to connect aspiring animators with industry experts, which is exactly the purpose of Animation Mentor.It’s chock-full of tips and tricks, tutorials and advice from the pros.You can also follow Animation Mentor on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Why you should follow: According to its website, Animation World Network (AWN) is “the largest animation-related publishing group on the internet,” making it a must-read for animators of all backgrounds.Why you should follow: 3D Artist, which doubles as a magazine, is not only for animators, but also for anyone interested in visual effects, motion graphics, modeling and much more.