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Sometimes the best dates are the ones that break the traditional mold, and hey — you might even discover something in common you never knew you had.So, open up your calendar, look for the next available free day, and text bae that you’ve got a surprise in store.Try a wine-tasting session or go for a tour of the vineyards.It’s picturesque, romantic, and a lovely spot to enjoy each other’s company in peace.It’s a classy, memorable date idea that will make the most of your quality time together.You can dress it up if you’d like, or keep it casual and pack a picnic to enjoy on the lawn.You don’t necessarily know each other’s food or activity preferences yet, so it’s tough to plan something creative…but at the same time, grabbing drinks with every first date can get boring after a while.

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From street festivals to wine tastings, there’s something out there for everyone, no matter what you typically like to do together.The best date idea for you depends on your relationship status and the mood you want to set.If you’re seeing someone casually and keeping things low-key, you’ll want to do something different than you’d do with the love of your life.If you’ve been spending the last few weekends wallowing and need a good distraction, your besties are the ones to turn to. Maybe you haven’t heard from each other in months (or years), and one of you reached back out… But if they’re just looking to catch up, you can stroll for a bit and then call it a night. No matter what vibe you’re going for, there’s a date idea out there to suit your fancy.

You don’t have to settle for boring dates when there are countless other options to try!

Afterwards, when you’re high on life and practically crying from laughter, you can head back to one of your places to have even more fun.