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The Civil War Era National Cemeteries travel itinerary offers several ways to discover and experience the historic places that shaped and illustrate the history and development of the National Cemetery system: • Descriptions of each featured National Cemetery on the List of Sites highlight its significance, photographs and other illustrations, and information on how to visit.• Essays with background on important themes in the development of the National Cemeteries during and after the Civil War offer context for understanding historic places featured in the itinerary.

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These cemeteries were first set aside for burial of those who died during the conflict, but by 1873, any Union veteran of the Civil War could receive burial in a national cemetery.

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Introduction From Necessity to Honor: The Evolution of National Cemeteries in the United States Death and Dying Designing the First National Cemeteries List of Sites and Descriptions Maps (print separately) Learn More (print separately) Credits (print separately) Introduction The National Park Service's Heritage Education Services and Federal Preservation Institute, the Department of Veterans Affairs Historic Preservation Office and National Cemetery Administration History Office, and the National Preservation Institute, in partnership with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, proudly invite you to explore the Civil War Era National Cemeteries.

Weapon accuracy and fighting techniques led to more casualties than in previous wars; railroads and steamships carried soldiers to battles farther and farther from their homes; disease caused a high percentage of the deaths on battlefields, in prisoner-of-war camps, and in hospitals.

Prior to the Civil War, burial of the war dead was the responsibility of the Army’s Office of the Quartermaster General, which also provided food, shelter, and supplies to the soldiers.

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