Dating scam list lahori girls dating

18-Sep-2020 20:23

The scammer will often say they are in the military or doing business overseas.

The scammer will "sweet talk" the victim and tell the victim they are in love with them despite the fact they have never met and seem to "fall in love" very quickly.

The scammer will have money orders sent to the victim and ask the victim to cash the money orders and then resend the money to them (out of country) using money orders.

The money orders the victim receives are from victims of other internet scams.

Many times the victim will be held responsible for the money lost by the bank from these accounts.The scammer needs the victim because security software for many online retailers would flag an order with a shipping address outside the United States so the scammers need an address in the United States to send the items to.The victim is used as an intermediary in the fraud.2) The scammer tells the victim they need help with customers paying the scammer's business.

The scammer will tell the victim because they are out of country that they cannot receive payments to their business.

The victim has often posted in their profile what they are looking for in a man or woman.

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