Dating sites for people wearing glasses

14-Oct-2019 13:24

This brand spanking new dating app specifically targets eye wearers and those who love a bit of eye candy. We don’t need Gary Linekar in his pants to announce the revealing news.

It turns out that more than half the UK population actually wears glasses.

I’ve worked in the dating industry for years, and have always said that niche dating sites are the key, as they bring together people with common interests.

And while being a glasses-wearer may not be a personality trait, it’s a decision you’ve made.

On top of this, it is about giving individuals the opportunity to wear glasses with style.

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spanic dating

For glasses wearers young and old, you too can have a smooch without fear of losing your dignity, nor your frames. Single spec wearers are in abundance on SPEX and those who really cant get enough of glasses wearers too.

The dating reality programme takes love to the next level with its fly on the wall perspective of modern chivalry.

With more than fifty episodes under its telly belt, it shows no signs of slowing down just yet.

As a result she claims that specs can make many feel quite insecure when it comes to their own appearance. Well it needn’t be as there are a number of different celebs who have shortsightedness, with many being glasses wearers.

This includes the likes of Friend to all Jennifer Aniston, as well as Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett and J-Lo.The premise is simple: Two people who have never met previously dine out in a London restaurant.