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14-Sep-2020 01:42

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Second, those who would jump at an opportunity to sleep with him so long as he paid them two 0 bills.

Perhaps he had wandered around Bui Vien backpacker street far too often. Vietnamese women dating foreign men is no longer rare. Pictures of singers and actresses marrying foreign men and giving birth to cute biracial babies always attract a lot of attention online.

Take my friend Jamie, also British, who is still single and came to Vietnam to learn Vietnamese.

He’s been dating Vietnamese women for the past 10 years. She’s beautiful and smart but broke up with Jamie because he was “too serious.”He dated 7 Phuongs, 10 Trans and 4 Hans, other names we dont remember, they all once had asked him whether he was ready to settle down.

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Out on the streets, Viet-foreign couples holding hands always attract curious onlookers.

If you speak English and know how to use the internet, falling in love with or marrying a total stranger is no longer a mission impossible.