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31-Jan-2020 05:42

I was on the line with a Lynsee at the store when a customer walked in asking about it so I let her go so she could speak with the customer telling her I would call right back. If you or anyone else is interested, you can contact me at barry.clapp (at)

(Moderator of the forum: I would appreciate it if you could remove my earlier posts that had my email address in them if you can. It was a beautiful instrument with amber tuning buttons.

As soon as the wood shops open again here in Barcelona, a lot of shops are closed in August, I will get a piece of ebony and create a new bridge from scratch. I changed the machine heads to Wilkinson WJ28NGD open gear in gold, the original ones were in gold too but most of it had worn off and on top of that they were really heavy.

Since I couldn’t wait a whole month to play the guitar I lowered the bridge and cut a saddle slot and installed a bone saddle for now, which has worked fine. I love all the abalone binding and the hexagon inlays in the ebony fretboard.

Luckily it sounds at least as good as I had hoped for, if not better and it’s structurally fine.

So if anyone out there has this DY85 guitar and would like their original cert document, let me know.

Also if anyone happens to have the cert document for my DY57 guitar, please let me know. Yairi AR335E brand new in 1985 mint, Great Sound great looks canada only model quite rare.

I was too nice when I called about a DY72 Yairi 12 string "K" signature Yairi a few days ago.

2 minutes later I called her back and the lovely DY 72 was gone! The customer was there representing another person who lived in Texas and bought it. I am the original owner and have owned it since 1989. My dad bought a Yairi DY57, Serial 12628 (manufacture date January 18, 1976) brand new in January 1977.

If it's not worth very much to someone, I'll just keep it and hand it down. It has spent most of it's life in the case in my closet.

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