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25-Oct-2019 22:53

Try and find a hotel or Air Bn B anywhere in this area. The location is great as it’s right in the heart of the Davao city center. When using Grab, sometimes the Grab taxi will not answer your request or there’s just none around. The hotel staff or the security of the apartment complex can call a taxi for you.All the good bars, clubs and restaurants are located here: I stayed at the Magallanes Residences which is an upscale apartment complex. The residences are safe, clean and you can bring girls back here no problem. Women in Davao tend to be more conservative compared to other cities in the Philippines.There won’t be as many profiles compared to Manila or Cebu, but there will be enough cure Fillipina women enough to make it worth your while. The Roxas Night Market is an awesome place that’s open every night. Traffic isn’t as bad, smoking in public is strictly banned, cost of living is cheap, there are no street beggars, no hookers or pimps pulling tricks on the streets.They have cheap food and plenty of girls go there to eat, walk around and hang out. This is an Ex-pat bar with 75% of the men being ex-pats or foreigners. It’s a good place to start the night off with some drinks. Expect to be popular on online dating sites with Filipina women such as Filipino Cupid here since only a few tourists visit Davao.

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I found it easier to open and chat up Filipina women outside because of the loud music, small dance floor and everyone grouped in tables inside.

It’s not uncommon to hear the Muslim prayer going off around the city 5 times a day.

You will see more Filipina women wearing hijabs in Mindanao than anywhere else in the Philippines.

Great place for “day game” even though its night time and it’s a good spot for tinder dates. From all the hype I hear about this place I would say this would be your best night game spot. I noticed that some of the waitresses were pretty hot. The food was pretty good too if you like southern American style food. Jacks Ridge Restaurant This restaurant is on top of a hill that offers a good view of Davao. If so, please consider supporting the maintenance of this website by booking your next accommodation by clicking on the banner below.

Also, any SM or Ayala mall is a good place as many Filipna women walk around and hang out there. I will comment on the venues that I have visited or what the locals recommend. 50 to 100-peso cover charge with no drink included? Club Echelon I never got a chance to visit, but the locals tell me it’s the biggest hottest club in town. Try giving one of the waitresses your number and set up something on their day off. Ideal Night Game Schedule Sunday – Thursday: Grid or Alcatraz. It comes at no cost to you, and gives us a little something to keep the site up and running for our readers.

Safety is always a topic of concern when it comes to the Philippines, but I would consider Davao as the safest city in the Philippines.