Dual optic accommodating lenses

27-Mar-2020 04:16

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Some of these techniques are based on the adequate performance of the ciliary body using part of the physiological accommodative mechanism, but a surgery for the “real” restoration of accommodation has not yet arrived for clinical practice.The aim of this review article is to provide the modern refractive surgeon with updated information about this topic, review the concept of pseudophakic accommodation as well as different attempts that have been made in the past to achieve a real restoration of accommodation via the use of intraocular lenses as evidenced in human clinical trials, and finally, consider future alternatives that may present themselves in the near future.What the injector does is to first displace the rear optic ahead of the front optic by way of a sliding tray," Dr. "Both optics are then compressed into the lumen of the injector.The surgeon uses a plunger to advance the lens into the eye, one optic at a time.

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That may change in the next year, as the clinical investigators and company researchers at Visiogen are readying their Phase III data for the Synchrony dual-optic accommodating IOL for submission to the Food and Drug Administration.Presbyopia is the physiological degradation of accommodation and still remains as the last frontier of refractive surgery as its surgical management is perhaps the most innovative and challenging and is under constant renewal.The multifactorial basis for the development of presbyopia makes it difficult to be managed adequately.Pseudoaccommodation comprises a group of techniques that can improve near vision on the basis of the use of the cornea or intraocular lenses (IOLs), resulting in an increased depth of field, multifocality or both [2].

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Pseudoaccommodation may be accomplished by the induction of certain amounts of higher order aberrations and achromatization, among other less important methods [2], and they should be studied in lenses wherein real accommodation is the target as it is often masqueraded in the outcomes of AIOLs [3].

As the capsular bag relaxes, the front optic is allowed to move forward, which increases the effective lens power.