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03-Oct-2020 05:58

I love everything about you.” The Enquirer reported that Bezos and Sanchez have been together for eight months, and that he first hit on the former “Good Day LA” co-host during a party and her and Whitesell’s home celebrating the 2016 Amazon Studios-distributed movie “Manchester by the Sea.” “You can’t fight chemistry! Mac Kenzie almost caught onto them after seeing a flight manifest for her husband’s private jet and noticing Sanchez was the only other passenger — but he said it was only work-related, the Enquirer reported.

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A few days earlier, Bezos was staying with Mac Kenzie and his family at a high-end Boston hotel while visiting the eldest of their four children at college.A source close to Bezos has claimed to The Post he and Mac Kenzie Bezos, 48, a novelist, separated last year “and then Jeff and Lauren started dating.” But the Bezoses were spotted celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in Miami in September, sources say — while the raunchy texts published in the Enquirer date back many months before that.