Endometrial dating images

19-Oct-2019 15:51

It has been reported that 3D US is a very high reproducible technique.

The endometrium has been paid special attention when using this technique.

Fifteen women with idiopathic infertility of ; Aloka, Tokyo, Japan)].

In each patient, serum oestrogen and progesterone concentrations were within normal limits, and neither endometrial nor uterine disorders were recognized.

Endometrial vascularization increases during follicular phase peaking 2–3 days before ovulation, decreasing thereafter and increasing again during mid and late luteal phase.

Data from studies analysing the role of 3D US for predicting IVF outcome are controversial.

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Here you can find out all about endometrial cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, how it is found, and how it is treated.

Next, after removal of the intrauterine ultrasound catheter, 1–2 ml of sterile saline solution was injected into the endometrial cavity with a catheter for artificial insemination, to compare sonographic images with and without saline in either the transvaginal or intrauterine sonographic technique.

Then transvaginal sonography and intrauterine sonography were again sequentially performed.

Endometrial assessment has been performed usually by endometrial biopsy [1].

However, such as invasive method is not acceptable when evaluating endometrial receptivity in order not to damage the endometrium.

Neither cervical dilatation nor anaesthesia was required, and the probe could be easily introduced through the cervix into the endometrial cavity in all patients. Moreover, it was possible to obtain finer image quality of very small endometrial interfacial and internal textures with intrauterine sonography than with transvaginal sonography.

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