Eva4 dating sim cheats

02-Jan-2020 02:07

Here are my flow chart and Gantt chart depicting the general plan of how I will do my project.Please note that the numbered steps on the Gantt chart are referencing the numbered steps in the flow chart.When the bytes left counter hits zero the play button lights up so the user can click it to start the game.Screenshot 2 is from the initial set up before you begin the game, this screen comes after you have set your stats, as you can see you have a difficulty option and the ability to enter cheats.

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All this is data shown in the top right of the screen.

get a very strong relationship with the girl sim 2. if she says yes then try and get the date-o-meter to dream date. As you are playing your sim, press "Ctrl Shift C" and type in "testingcheats true".