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The age-reading protocol was generally validated and it was possible to describe length-at-age despite difficulties in counting otolith growth zones beyond 30-40 years.

Growth curves differed between sexes and a 4-parameter generalized von Bertalanffy growth function provided the best fit.

We know the fixed half-lives of the parent and daughter isotopes.

We can use the ratio between them as an index of elapsed time since incorporation of the parent isotope into the otolith.

As a result, chemically based age determination studies focus on the yearly scale.

Virtually all have been used to validate more traditional, less expensive methods of age determination.

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Growth was deterministic with adult ages decoupled from body length.We can age problematic fish species using 2 isotopic pairs that have proved popular: When based on analysis of the extracted core, the radiochemical approach appears to be both objective and accurate in the estimation of fish age.Nevertheless, the isotopic concentrations requiring measurement are exceedingly low, resulting in assay precisions which are often less than optimal.Use of the post-bomb 14C decline period from a regional reference chronology enabled age validation of young fish—a novel approach for the Pacific Ocean.

A probabilistic procedure for assigning bomb 14C dates (CALIBomb) was used for the first time to determine fish birth years.

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