Flex validating combobox

14-Dec-2019 07:47

I agree and I think the OP's article is somewhat subjective and even suggests some inexperience.

I've found Flex (combined with Java) a real breeze to work with.

Doing almost everything in Flex is quite different compared to regular web development using html, css and javascript (or web 2.0).

I’ve even made a presentation about this and shared it with JUG-Indonesia several months ago.

The first example - coordinating master/detail - is simply done using binding.

The File Upload example is a bit outdated with the recent Flash 10 functionality being available.

A custom UI built with Flash has nothing to do with what Flex provides. With Flash sites, you'll always have to guess where to click and in which pane is hidden the info. They should have standardized this like in HTML, for example, underlining a clickable link. Trying to build some application-y layouts in html is well nigh impossible.

2) As to downloads, flash/flex compiles to swf, so it's lighter than html/css.

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Flex (and Flash for that matter) are not replacements for Web Technolopgies.

Flex is a presentation tier development language which is optimized for creating thin clients that deploy using the web deployment model.

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