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If I ever get to that stage (and cannot afford a draught of vintage, cooled a long age in the deep-delved earth), I hope my general practitioner will have the compassion to do a bit of 'inappropriate' prescribing.

In cognitive psychology, the telescoping effect (or telescoping bias) refers to the temporal displacement of an event whereby people perceive recent events as being more remote than they are and distant events as being more recent than they are.

Therefore, guessing is not a complete explanation for telescoping, and another one of these models is likely responsible.

Rubin and Baddley created the boundary model to explain telescoping.

I would not have thought there would be an enormous number of patients, under the care of a psychiatrist, requiring 50 mg of diazepam a day on a long-term basis in Australia.

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Since events are only remembered by order or time between events in this model, if an event is forgotten, previous events are recalled as if they occurred more recently and forward telescoping occurs.Three years is approximately the time frame in which events switch from being displaced backward in time to forward in time, with events occurring three years in the past being equally likely to be reported with forward telescoping bias as with backward telescoping bias.This over reporting is because participants include events beyond the period, either events that are too recent for the target time period (backward telescoping) or events that are too old for the target time period (forward telescoping).These are in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits (the Schedule).

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To ensure prescriptions are valid, prescribers must: Generally, prescriptions remain valid for 12 months from the date of prescribing.

The pharmacist must check these details and make sure the pharmaceutical benefit is for the prescribed person’s use.