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She is a lawyer by trade but is enthusiastic about guns. Carl can take Helena to either the club in Idlewood, Los Santos (Alhambra) or Queens, San Fierro (Gaydar Station), but the Alhambra remains a better solution since it's closer, despite both clubs being fairly away from Helena's house.However, it is better to date her when Idlewood belongs to the Grove Street Families, as the Ballas can shoot Carl and Helena on sight.To increase your relationship meter, you need to take the girls on dates that suit their individual interests and to give them gifts.The game has three types of gifts that CJ can give to his girlfriend to increase their relationship meter: flowers, dildos and a vibrator.

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If Carl's sex appeal is high enough, she may then become his girlfriend.

Nothing shakes malcontents out of the woodwork faster than threatening their anonymity.

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