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Some bug fixes: unfortunatly seems that the version 1.0.3 was starting to propagate on internet so a lot of users will play with a buggy version.

You inform her that you’re practically broke after the move.

You learn to know the guys on surface level, just enough to talk them into sucking your dick. You can initiate a date by first raising a guy’s ‘heart meter’.

Once their heart meter is full, you can take them out.

It’s an easy jazz tune, complete with synthesized sound effects and drums. Despite the repeated looping, both songs are simple and well-done enough that I didn’t have a problem with the music.

The third track I noticed was used much later in the game.

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During sex dates, some small groans and sighs can be heard when you chain a combo. MUSICThe game treats you to a simple melody upon starting.

Backgrounds are fairly detailed, but you’d mostly be focused on the characters due to the user interface and screen real estate.

The game favours a neutral colour palette, which can occasionally cause CGs to look flat.

CHARACTERSIn the beginning, you learn to know Owen, Max and Mateo. He initially approaches you for salacious gossip on your boss, but you eventually win him over.

hard dating sim-3

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More men can be unlocked after dating the first three. Despite his cynical approach to capitalism, he’s surprisingly romantic and soft-hearted.Mateo is a buff personal fitness trainer working under Owen’s company. Coy half smiles, smirks, and charismatic grins are the default on every character.