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The science center was part of an effort to provide appropriate handling, collection and storage of irreplaceable artifacts dating back to the Ice Age. Columbian mammoth named Xena is also housed in the world class facility that houses nearly one million specimens and fossils uncovered in the lake area.

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However, unlike the previous water year, the region consistently received below-average rainfall during the 2017-18 water year.The water year in Southern California runs from July 1st through June 30th.Here are the season totals for the Weather Currents network and associates: Note: Season Averages were only given for stations with at least five complete years of data.The dismal water year has allowed drought conditions to return or worsen in much of the state of California, which had seen slight relief following the above-average 2016-17 water year.

The Climate Prediction Center issued an El Nino Watch on June 14, for the 2018-19 winter.

Circular Theater - short films shown regularly on a 270-degree screen.