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Now Reba finds herself having to live life as a single mom with three kids, a new grandbaby, and the addition of the younger woman who Brock cheated with joining their family.

Despite the trials, Reba maintains a cordial relationship with Brock, her ex, launches her own successful real estate business, and helps her children grow and flourish to follow their own chosen paths in life.

When Sadie comes over to meet the family, she and Reba hit it off, and Reba — looking for new friends since her "girlfriend" moved away—inadvertently asks Sadie out.

When Reba discovers that Sadie "plays for the other team" and thinks Reba does too, Reba excuses herself, finds Van in the kitchen, and demands to know why he told Sadie she was gay. My mother-in-law is super gay."Van pleads with his mother-in-law to go along with the lie for a little longer, so that he can secure Sadie as his agent.

Final Mewsings: People’s severe allergies to cats can be exploited for the sake of comedy.

Reba Mc Entire arrives tonight as the sort of natural TV star that makes you wonder what took her so long to get here... She's got timing to burn.""With Mc Entire's comedic timing and her down-home delivery, infidelity, and teen pregnancy are made downright amusing.

Barbra Jean could best be described as a ditzy blonde with good intentions even if her efforts weren't reciprocated.

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Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) worked as Brock's dental hygienist until their affair resulted in her becoming pregnant.

When even Reba is making jokes about "gaydar," you know the gay and lesbian subculture has officially pervaded the mainstream.

As is custom with most network television shows, the word "gay" is used almost exclusively to describe Sadie, rather than the more loaded term "lesbian," except twice at the end of the episode (after viewers had a chance to warm up to the subject).

But even just a few uses of the word "lesbian" is helpful in desensitizing it for Reba‘s straight viewers.

The characters’ actions and comments throughout the episode send a remarkably progressive message.Soon after having Henry, Barbra Jean decides to devote all her time to being a mom.