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Proving that Ari and everyone else on the set were just as captivated by the movie as the rest of us, Bennett said everyone wanted to hear stories from back in the day. "Everyone asks about stories from the set and we don't have any," he said with a laugh. Also, tell me something you know about 15 years ago, tell me about one of your days 15 years ago. I don't remember what it was like, we didn't pay attention." What he'll always remember, however, was seeing Ariana step into one of her favorite films."One of the things that was so much fun was watching how excited Ari was to be with her friends, recreating one of her favorite movies and just having a good time," he told Too Fab.That's normally what's in a music video." "And they were like, 'No, no, we want you to be Aaron Samuels,'" he continued. it gave me chills when I looked in the mirror the first time and saw Aaron Samuels again," he said of stepping on set. And then you get to see Ariana and her friends dressed as the Plastics and to watch them walk down the hallway, it literally brought back some amazing memories and it was really nice to go back and relive something that's been such an integral part of your life for the past 15 years." Making the hallway walk all the more epic for Bennett was the fact he got to do it while carrying "The Burn Cookbook," a cookbook he released earlier this year inspired by the movie."I was like, oh, that's genius and as soon as I found out what they were doing, I was in." Benett only appears in the final product for a few moments, once to reference a line in the movie about his hair looking "sexy pushed back" and again to join the infamous high school hallway walk. "When we were shooting 'Mean Girls,' if you were to say it's going to be such a part of people's lives that you're going to be shooting a music video for the biggest pop star in the world based on this scene where you walk down a hallway and you're also going to be carrying your cook book that is 'Mean Girls'-themed because it's going to be such a huge success that people are going to buy your cookbook, I would say no way, I wouldn't believe you," he exclaimed.So if you can't help but bicker, even if you're supposed to be having a good time, take note.

Remember, it's always OK to reach out to friends and family for relationship advice.Bennett was only one of two actors from the original movie who appeared in Grande's latest visual.Stephanie Drummond, who played the girl obsessed with Regina George's army pants and flip flops, was the other.If you see this picture that means I am officially locked away going on the next adventure in my life and becoming a house guest for season two of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS.’ ‘Catch me Jan 21st and see how it all goes down,’ he added.

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‘My social team will be taking over my social media channels keeping all of you up-to-date on what’s going on in the house."It also involves not making the argument personal, which can result in name-calling, hurt feelings, and a damaged relationship."It's fine to bicker every now and again, especially if you both laugh it off afterward.