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The showroom was originally opened as a resource for architects and designers seeking furniture that fit the sensibilities of their projects.At that time, there were not a lot of resources catering to designers that wanted a more minimalist aesthetic.if more protection is desired, it is advised to use a more protective finish.solid wood is an organic material.

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His lecture series at the Asia Anti-Aging Conference in Bali in 2007 featured “Mechanisms of Aging and Top-Line Strategies with a focus on Nutraceuticals for Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Glycation, Free Radical Stress, Hormone Balance, Phase I & II Detoxification.” Dr.There are many, many designs that have been created but aren’t featured on the website for space reasons.Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to access the archives for an appropriate fit.It is no longer unusual to see mainstream showrooms offering handcrafted, heirloom, custom made products. If you would like to modify the dimensions or materials from our current line, simply consult with the studio and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular application in detail.

Since our work is made to order, we are usually able to custom tailor the process to get you exactly what you [email protected] a design from our studio but don’t see it on the website?If you’d like something exclusive, the studio takes a design fee which will be credited to the order once placed.materials and finisheswoodthe shapiro joyal collection is available in the following standard species:mapleamerican walnutcherrywhite oakfinishesour pieces are finished by hand in los angeles using one of the following:clear oiloil waxlacquerpolyurethanepaint*custom colors and combinations are always available.textilesfor ordering simplicity, upholstered pieces are priced using the COM ( customer’s own material ) method. required yardages for each piece are given, based on 54” plain goods.