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County resident Annette Price talked about a chicken firm in Eddy County a few years back that turned out to be a scam. will recycle the tires in a different way, and he's seen the process in person. It says the facility will create 160 local jobs and recycle millions of tires.

She asked if the county was ensuring that this business really exists and is not a scam. pollutes the property the county leases to them, that bond will cover the cost of cleanup. At the January meeting, Galarza told the commission the location of the project is important, for there should be a good supply of tires within easy distance.

The resolution, the agenda report explains, declares facility in Chaparral. Galarza said the company also needed land from the county.

Commission chairman Ronny Rardin said he recently attended a conference where he learned about bonds, and private activity bonds are "the best" and "the wave of the future." Rardin said the bonds are funded by private entities and issued to private business people to do a service in the county, and ." Oswaldo Galarza, CEO of Albuquerque-based Alternative Industry Resources, is the businessman who wants to recycle tires in Chaparral. Galarza also invited commissioners to Albuquerque to see his company's miniature laboratory, which takes in tires and turns out oil and carbon.

Herrell said junk tires are a big problem in New Mexico, and this new recycling technique may be exactly what is needed to solve the issue. "I've seen it in the newspaper and on TV here lately where they found about 600,000 tires in a place up in northern New Mexico ... Grace said he's created the world's cleanest wood-burning fireplace, and his company has the only technology in the world that does this.

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Janet White, president of the Otero County Tea Party, on Thursday requested commissioners wait to pass anything until the next work session since she didn't see it during the work session July 13 , but a private activity bond between private entities.

Grace said in organic chemistry, through time, temperature and pressure, anything organic can be turned back into some of its basic elements. Computers can also be thrown into the reactor, which breaks them down into oil and a number of inorganic compounds like silver, gold and platinum. Then they are tossed in the desert, and he said there are big piles of tires in the Mexican desert. R.'s process is already sold to companies in Juarez that make inks or paint, but they got another contract with a company in Ohio that will pay more for the carbon and wants to buy all of it.

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