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For instance, you can end your voice message posing a fun fact question such as, "if you drill a hole in the earth from top to the bottom and jump in, how long will it take to reach the bottom?

" Let the caller know that if they answer correctly (i.e., 42 minutes) they'll reach the top of your call-back list.

that’s the art of phone game, of how to call women my friend. same thing goes for text messages: don’t text her back right away, but wait around 5 minutes with doing so for the exact same reasons as I mentioned above.

The 5 Minute Rule has given me so many success that I have a hard time summarizing it here in a short sentence: women asking me if I was talking to another chick (which shows they want to keep me all to themselves), women almost literally stalking me by calling me 3 times in a row and so on…

Or if you earn a living as a motivational speaker, end your message with a motivational quote.

In both cases, be sure to keep your closing remark brief.

It makes you come across as hard to get and by now you know that it’s something you should strive for.

– Just like you don’t know if she’s available right now when you call her, she doesn’t know either.

But if you work in sales (an upbeat profession) or at a science foundation (thought of as being stodgy), don't be afraid to get creative to get someone's attention.

Ting offers free voicemail service and can support some visual voicemail systems noted below.

Voicemail troubleshooting steps have been included at the bottom if you are having trouble or please get in touch with Ting support if needed.

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This guide provides voicemail support information for both the CDMA and GSM networks.

You see, when you call her and if she doesn’t answer the phone it will notify her with a “You have a missed call from …” type of message, so what’s the point in leaving a voicemail?