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The Grapevine Police Department is committed to our partnership with the residents and business owners in our community.Many business owners and residents currently operate surveillance systems at their businesses and/or homes.If you would like to tell us that you have video surveillance and allow Officers to contact you should a crime occur in or near where your cameras are installed, we kindly ask that you let us know by filling out our registration form: Information provided to the Grapevine Police Department regarding your camera systems will be for official use only.Your personal information will remain confidential and not be distributed except as required by law or court order.Project REC connects criminal investigators with residents and business owners who have partnered with the Tampa Police Department to help keep the city safe.In order to participate in Project REC, residents and business owners must register their privately owned video surveillance system with the Tampa Police Department.The Patrol Officer has used the database for this program in their patrol car, and has gone to your residence for follow-up.

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Project REC is a free program that is managed by the Tampa Police Department to ensure information is kept secure and confidential.

Similar programs have already taken root with other agencies across the nation. For example: You are a home owner that has recently moved into a new home.

We as an agency have reached out to several different Police Departments and received countless success stories of how this program has helped their communities. You’ve purchased a home surveillance system and have registered your system with the LVMPD.

By registering your camera with us the Department can quickly identify nearby cameras that may have captured criminal activity.

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After registering your camera, you would only be contacted by the Grapevine Police Department if there is a criminal incident in the vicinity of your security camera.Did you know that your video surveillance system could potentially help solve a crime?