Only fools and horses dating agency

23-Dec-2019 15:30

Del makes his way to Waterloo Station, where he nervously awaits Raquel’s arrival under the clock.

Clutching a large bunch of flowers, Del sees a woman dressed in red standing nearby and presumes she’s Raquel.

Written by John Sullivan, this was possibly Britain’s best-loved sitcom of all time, running for 10 years on BBC1 from 1981 – with Christmas specials continuing until 2003.© Allstar Picture Library / Alamy Stock Photo David Jason’s portrayal of market trader Del Boy endeared him to the hearts of the nation.

Every viewer was willing him to succeed when he arranged to meet Raquel through the Technomatch dating agency in the 1988 Christmas episode.

The police officers vow to apprehend the driver of the "yellow three-wheeled van".

For the entertainment at Albert's birthday party, it emerges that Del has hired a stripper, who turns out to be Raquel.

He kicks his famous yellow Reliant Regal van with ‘Trotters Independent Traders’ written on the side but when Raquel follows him out, she’s equally angry that Del has lied to her, as she finds out his name isn’t Duval and that he’s a market trader rather than a millionaire!

An argument ensues as Raquel points to his battered van and says sarcastically, “I suppose this is the Ferrari”, while Del retorts at least he doesn’t go around taking his clothes off for men.

Meanwhile, after being impressed by a girl Trigger had met through a local dating agency, Del himself decides to sign up for it.Rodney dresses as James Dean and takes Nerys for a ride in the Trotter Van until they are pursued by a gang of punks, which leads to a high-speed chase.They race past two police officers at temporary traffic signals.It turns out that when Del met Raquel, he wasn’t the only one lying about his personal life!

Del rushes out of the pub, angry and embarrassed that Raquel has lied about being an actress.Raquel walks off without another word and Rodney criticises Del for being so harsh.