Raiden fighters 2 mame updating

29-Mar-2020 12:55

This was a bit of work to add because it uses a slightly different lineswapping to the other set.The interesting thing about these games is that all the builds we’ve seen seem to be actual recompiles, possibly slightly minor different revisions of the base code.Due to this delay I’ve decided to do a bit of an interim update showing some of what has been added since the 0.149 release.

raiden fighters 2 mame updating-34

Cams xxx android

All was not lost however because the set contained ROMs for both the English version, and the Japanese version, both were added (even if the English one is technically identical once loaded) and it does mean that there is now a set with a plain Sammy copyright (rather than American Sammy) and Japanese text; turns out it’s just 3 bytes different tho.

It appears to be based on a similar codebase to New Hidden Catch, but with some additional features. Adding support was a little trickier compared to some of the other Eolith games, because like 2 of the other sets in the driver it uses an MCU with internal ROM instead of a compatible CPU operating in external mode for the Sound CPU.

The MCU hasn’t been dumped, and the MCUs also appear to provide some kind of basic startup protection.

Either way, must have taken a keen eye to notice this.

Another finding from Brian Troha was some loose ROMs from a Zombie Raid prototype, hand-dated etc.There have been the usual share of modernizations too, with Osso modernizing a lot of video devices and learning the importance of initialization along the way.