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11-Mar-2020 06:55

Do anything as long as you give out the sexual vibe when you’re around this person. They give out mixed signals when they’re not sure about whether they want to date you or not.

[Read: How to kiss a friend accidentally and get away with it] #7 Learn from it. Whenever you’re with each other, try to charm this person and make them like you more.

[Read: 20 signs of attraction in a conversation] Don’t pull your hair out thinking about it. Don’t be bound by their rules of the mixed signals game. The next time this person tries to flirt with you or tries making eye contact, ignore them.

By doing that, you’re letting this person know that you’re not a puppet and you can play the game too.

And when someone’s giving you mixed signals, they’re probably going to walk away from you.

[Read: How to tell someone you love them without losing them] At the same time, spreading the word that this person’s playing games with you may annoy the person who’s playing games with you.

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On the other hand, if a guy talks sweetly with a girl, the girl may assume he wants to get into a relationship with her.

For the uninitiated, have you ever felt like someone likes you, but then you’re confused again?

If you feel like this special someone has affections for you at one time, and then see that they completely ignore you at another time, you’re probably experiencing a classic case of mixed signals in love.

If anyone else talks about it, you’ll end up bringing it out into the open.

And when that happens, the person you like has to decide at once whether they want to date you or not.Whatever our relationship might be - lover, crush, colleague, friend - we all benefit from tips for how to read men's mixed signals. I have 19 tips listed below that should help with how mixed signals should be taken.

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