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22-Dec-2019 18:12

Preventing youth violence requires addressing factors at all levels of the social ecology—the individual, relational, community, and societal levels.

CDC’s technical package, A Comprehensive Technical Package for the Prevention of Youth Violence and Associated Risk Behaviors, highlights strategies based on the best available evidence to help states and communities prevent or reduce youth violence.

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Another 754 students at 10 different schools were assigned to a control group, where similar objectives were targeted but without training or materials.Dating violence among adolescents often leads to intimate partner violence in adulthood and also is associated with injuries, unsafe sex, substance use and suicide attempts. The program, known as the "Fourth R: Skills for Youth Relationships," was taught to 968 students at 10 randomly selected high schools."Dating violence prevention was integrated with core lessons about healthy relationships, sexual health and substance use prevention using interactive exercises.The study will evaluate a new 7th-grade version of Fourth R, which has been rewritten to be developmentally appropriate and correspond to national health standards for this younger age.

The 7th-grade version of Fourth R is innovative because it emphasizes socio-emotional learning, includes lessons on mental health, and addresses technology and cyber TDV.The strategies are intended to work in combination and reinforce each other.

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