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It might have been Linda Ronstadt singing Carmelita: ”Carmelita, hold me tighter, I think I’m sinking down. At 13, she was into drugs, prompting the Toronto family to move several times to isolate her from bad peer groups. She was described then as markedly indifferent to the overdose, and in fact she laughed and joked about it. She was gone until early 1976, working as a stripper in Toronto. Scott, however, took her back and was the only father Mrs. The daughter (who along with her two younger siblings cannot be named because of a court-ordered publication ban) would testify against her birth mother, saying that after her father’s death, she was afraid of Mrs. ”I was afraid that my mom might come after me,” she said. In 1989, the couple moved to a log farmhouse a few kilometres outside of the village of Killaloe, where they quickly settled into a rural, alternative lifestyle. They enrolled their daughter in Killaloe Alternative School, a two-room schoolhouse for roughly a dozen students, in which parents played large roles in assisting teachers and administering programs. It took officials a week to debunk the allegation, but as a result of Mrs. He moved to his family’s cottage in Wilberforce while the allegations were probed, and Mrs. Dell had been rough with their oldest daughter and had been sexually improper with his other daughter. Dell filed for divorce, asking for custody of the three children, ,900 a month in child support, and exclusive possession of their home. Dell had cheated on her and abused two of their children. Dell sought a divorce with a counter-petition, asking for custody, 0 a month in child support, and the farm. Cherrylle suffers from some longstanding personality difficulties marked by traits of immaturity, grandiosity, manipulativeness and self-centredness.” But if Mrs.

Dell for the better part of nine hours, there was music playing. Her father later said that after that illness, his daughter had ”a split personality.” A car accident when she was 12 left her with a sore neck and back problems. It made no difference that in February 1971 Cherrylle was admitted to hospital after overdosing on 75 Aspirin. At Cherrylle’s urging, the family moved, first to Peterborough, where they operated a group home for special-needs children out of their home, caring for mentally handicapped children as well as for a baby girl whom they adopted in 1987. Dell’s motive for killing her husband, it was necessary to look this far back into the past, to see the hatred for Mr. Three days later, she went on the attack, alleging that Mr. He was charged by police, only to have the charge withdrawn when it was declared groundless. Dell told authorities in Pembroke that her husband severely assaulted a developmentally delayed 13-year-old boy, giving him a bloody nose and swollen lip. Dell made more allegations, telling child welfare officials Mr. The allegations rolled in until March 1993, when Mrs. She is highly sensitive to criticism and, to avoid rejection, becomes adept in manipulating people.

In April 1995, she flew to Texas to care for her ailing father.

Especially in a village of 700, where one’s business is everyone’s business, Mrs. when she tried to manipulate him into doing things for her, he knew that she was doing it, he was aware she was doing it, and he would say, ‘She can’t help it, that’s just the way she is.”’ He just did not realize that the way she was would be the death of him. Dell’s ”appalling lack of consideration and concern for the interests of the infants in the prosecution of her design to destroy the respondent’s reputation by repetitive and unfounded allegations of sexual impropriety to mask or mitigate her own inadequacies.” He continued: ”There is no question that the various agencies and institutions involved have been besieged by unnecessary and excessive unwarranted complaints.” He ordered Mrs. On the day she was unsuccessful in having Judge Dunlap’s decision stayed, she fled to Ottawa with the children, and asked the Ottawa-Carleton Children’s Aid Society to take them and investigate ”past abuse.” For the next two weeks, child-protection officials examined the children, who appeared happy and relaxed. She seemed as if she needed somebody to be a caregiver,” Ms. She has an inordinate need for affection and finds it difficult to satisfy this. Dell was determined not to die, especially because he did not want his children to be fatherless. Dell returned to her Boland Street home to welcome Ms.