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07-Sep-2020 10:04

“For the girls, this is part of the ‘cute’ culture.Just as they like Hello Kitty, they like taking selfies,” he says. “If you don’t do it, it means you have low self-esteem.Although the sharing of explicit material without a person’s consent is a clear breach of data protection, the Data Protection Commissioner has no jurisdiction over websites based in the US.Because of this, the Social Dialogue Minister is considering amending the law to make it a crime to share explicit photos without the consent of the person depicted.

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Most are well-educated, come from different social classes, all are very well groomed: “They would be the type who would go to a barbeque dressed up in high heels and cake-tin make up.

The photos have since been removed from the website which was closed down shortly after it was reported in the mainstream media.

However, the photos have been widely shared through social networks and mobile phone apps.

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“There is this ‘revenge’ plot going on by ex-boyfriends,” she trails off.